What is an AAHA-accredited hospital?

With so many veterinary clinics popping up across the U.S., you need a way to identify a  top-tier, high-quality practice to care for your pet. One way to do that is...
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Finding Compassionate Veterinary Care in San Antonio

Having a reliable and compassionate veterinary hospital that we can turn to is important in making sure our pet remains healthy and happy. When doing an online search for compassionate veterinary...
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Why Your Cat May Be Vomiting

Not all signs of vomiting in cats is a cause for immediate panic, but as responsible and loving pet owners, it’s best that we keep a close eye out for any...
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Why Pets Need Regular Dental Care

Dogs and cats that are not regularly treated for dental care are susceptible to plaque, bad breath, and other dental issues. Dental disease can affect the teeth, gums, and surrounding areas...
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Welcome to Huebner Oaks Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Huebner Oaks Veterinary Hospital! Located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, we offer the convenience of a “one-stop shop” with our full-service veterinary hospital. Focusing solely on dogs...
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