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Pet Care: Ways to Maintain Oral Hygiene in Pets

Have you been looking for ways to maintain oral hygiene in your pets? Oral hygiene is an often neglected but important part to keeping your fur baby happy and healthy. 


Brush Regularly

The most important thing dentists will often recommend is to brush your teeth regularly. It’s the same for pets, requiring regular teeth brushing to maintain good oral hygiene. Pet get plaque, food, and bacteria stuck on their teeth too. Leaving them unbrushed will lead to oral illnesses and dental problems that can be difficult to treat! 


You don’t need to brush your pet’s teeth as regularly as you do for yourself. It’s actually recommended to brush them at least three times a week. Doing so will get rid of the bacteria that can rot their teeth and inflame their gums. Just remember to use special toothpaste for your dog, and not just any toothpaste that may be toxic to them.


What your pet eats also affects their oral hygiene. For starters, your pet needs a balanced diet to stay healthy and protect them from the bacteria in their mouths. Furthermore, the type of food you feed them is significant as well. Wet and soft foods will get stuck in their teeth and mouth more, which can lead to bacteria building up. Kibbles are hard and crunchy, which helps your dog remove some of the plaque stuck on their teeth!


Routine Care

Even if you do everything right, your pet may still develop problems with its mouth. Yearly dental cleaning and routine care is the best practice for maintaining good oral hygiene. You can’t tell the severity of oral illnesses just by looking at the teeth, a veterinarian needs to assess below the gum line to understand the problem. Regular visits to the vet for dental care can treat present issues and prevent anything from happening in the future. 


Keep Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy With Huebner Oaks Veterinary Hospital

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