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Turkey Bones, Tinsel, and Holiday Pet Safety Rules

The holidays are a time for celebration and joy, and they are also a time for our pets to get into some mischief. With the shine of tinsel, the glitter of Christmas trees, and the scent of candles, pet owners must ensure their animals stay safe during the holidays. Here are some simple tips to keep your pets happy while they enjoy the season with you.



Decorating our homes during the festive season is a tradition that we all enjoy. It's important to remember that our pets may see the decorations as toys.


Christmas tree: It may be the most iconic holiday decoration, but it can pose some health and safety hazards for your pets as well. One of the most common hazards is a Christmas tree falling over and injuring your pets. To prevent this, you should secure it to the wall or stand in an area where there are no breakable objects. Tree water is also another hazard to watch out for. If you have an artificial tree, be sure that the water reservoir is empty or has been changed.


Festive Plants: Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are some of the more common Christmas plants we often see in homes. While these plants may be beautiful, they can also be dangerous to pets. These plants can cause extreme gastrointestinal upset, dehydration, and drowsiness if ingested.


Tinsel and other ornaments: Pets, especially kittens, love colourful and shiny decorations. However, these decorations can be dangerous to your pets. Tinsel, ribbons and other ornaments can cause intestinal obstruction if ingested by your pet. The best way to prevent this is by keeping the decorations away from your pets.


Holiday Food

We all look forward to the holiday feasts and the delicious food that comes with them. However, it is essential to remember that not all foods are safe for your pets.


If you want to treat your pets this season, just cook up some lean turkey meat or pureed veggies and share a little bit of it with them.


To keep your pets healthy this holiday season and avoid a trip to the emergency room, here are the top foods you should avoid giving them.


  • Chocolate: Theobromine, a chemical found in chocolate, is toxic. It's similar to caffeine and the leading cause of chocolate toxicity.
  • Grapes and raisins: It is possible for dogs to develop acute kidney damage from eating grapes and raisins
  • Bones: Turkey bones can be harmful because they splinter and can cause choking or intestinal blockage
  • Onions, Chives or Garlic: Ingesting this species of plants causes gastrointestinal irritation and may damage red blood cells.
  • Bread Dough: Bread dough can be toxic if ingested. It contains yeast, which is a fungus and can cause gastrointestinal irritation.


The holidays are a time when unexpected events can occur, so it's important to make sure you have an emergency plan for your pets. This can be as simple as having a readily available list of emergency phone numbers, including your veterinarian's and poison control center. It also is important to have an emergency kit in case you need to take your pet to the vet or if there is an accident at home.


Huebner Oaks Veterinary Hospital Has The Perfect Holiday Care For Your Pet

At Huebner Oaks Veterinary Hospital, we make it easy for you to care for your pet by offering full-service veterinary care and boarding, all under one roof. We understand that pets feel safe in familiar environments. That's why we take the time to get to know each pet and create a bond with your best friend.

We're happy to provide our services for all your pets' health needs during the holidays. Call us at 210-796-9958 if you are concerned about something your pet ingested.


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