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What You Need To Know About Eclampsia in Cats

Eclampsia is a life-threatening condition that affects nursing mothers. It is also referred to as puerperal tetany, which means "milk fever."


The condition is caused by a decrease in the mother's blood calcium levels, which makes her weak and causes muscle problems. This happens when her kittens are between one and four weeks old—the period she produces most milk for them.


So, as a cat owner, you need to know how to recognize the symptoms and take action. 


Here are the things you need to know about eclampsia in cats:


It's fatal to the mother and kittens.

When a kitten is born, it depends on the mother for survival. This means that if your cat gets eclampsia, there's a high chance that her kittens will also be affected. 


First, milk production drops significantly, which can lead to dehydration in the kittens. Second, they won't get enough calcium from their mother's milk and may develop weak bones prone to fractures. Third, eclampsia can cause seizures in both the mother and kittens.


Indeed, if the mother or her kittens suffer from eclampsia, there's a high chance that they will die. If you notice these symptoms in your cat, you must get her to a vet immediately.

Watch out for eclampsia symptoms, including lack of appetite, lethargy, dehydration, and seizures.

If you notice these symptoms while your cat is pregnant or within 48 hours after giving birth, bring her immediately to your veterinarian for treatment! These are severe symptoms that require immediate treatment. If left untreated, eclampsia can be fatal and lead your mama cat to coma or death.


Poor nutritional absorption

It is another common symptom of eclampsia. If your cat isn't getting enough nutrients, she may become lethargic and lack appetite. The best way to combat this is by ensuring that your pregnant mama cat is eating well and drinking plenty of water. 


It's also essential to ensure that your cat gets proper nutrition before she becomes pregnant! So, ensure you provide vitamins and nutritional foods during her pregnancy to help prevent this issue.


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