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Why is My Dog Peeing in The House All of a Sudden?

Has your potty-trained pup peed in the house recently? Peeing in the house is no uncommon issue amongst dog owners, but this is typically an issue with puppies rather than adult dogs, so what may be the cause? If your adult dog is peeing in the house, it may be a sign of behavior or underlying health issues. Take the initiative and find out why your pup is displaying this out-of-character behavior.


Below you will find three reasons why your adult dog is peeing inside the house:


  • Urinary tract problems: If you are frequently peeing, or show signs of pain while urinating, it’s likely due to a urinary tract infection. This is a common issue with dogs and can be diagnosed and treated by your local veterinarian. 


  • Incontinence: This issue is most prevalent in older dogs, but can also occur in younger healthier pups. Dogs who are incontinent have no control over their toilet needs and will urinate frequently and without awareness inside the home. Your vet will be able to help diagnose and treat your dog’s incontinence with medication. 


  • Old Age: Older dogs can develop chronic mental health issues such as dementia. This can result in your pet forgetting where they are, and as a result, causing accidents inside the home. Some pet parents opt for doggie diapers, or absorbent pads to help keep the house clean from these unintentional accidents. 

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