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Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

Microchipping refers to the implantation of a small device installed just underneath your pet's skin. The chip emits a radio frequency containing a unique number that helps you locate your pet when found. 


Some pet owners often worry about microchipping as they think it's unsafe, but it's perfectly safe for your pet and has a lot of benefits. In this article, we will review the pros of microchipping your pet.


Microchipping is a Painless Procedure

Microchipping is generally painless, but it's also a quick procedure. It barely takes a few seconds, and your pets will experience only a slight pinch. Hence, there's no need to restrain them or hold them down. 


It’s Long-lasting 

Most chips last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, probably more than your pet's lifespan. So, you only need to get the chip implanted once. Once implanted, the microchip is permanent and does not require any maintenance.


The Chip Database is National

Microchipping is different from GPS. You cannot track your pet's location through the chip; it will only allow a vet or animal control officer to get in contact after your pet has been found. Most chip databases are national, so it'll be easy to find them if your pet gets lost. 


It is Used to Prove Ownership

A microchip is essential to identify your pet once it gets lost. The chip can be read by a handheld scanner used by veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and humane societies if your pet is found by someone else.


Your Personal Information is Kept Confidential 

With a dog tag, your personal information is usually on display to anyone who comes into contact with your pet. The microchip itself does not contain personal information about you or your pet. Instead, it contains a unique number associated with you in an online database. 


When someone finds your pet and brings them to a shelter or veterinarian's office, the staff will use a scanner to read the chip and contact the company that registered it. The company will then give them your contact information so they can return your pet to you.

It's an Inexpensive Procedure

Considering the benefit it poses, microchipping is a relatively cheaper procedure. It'll save you hundreds of dollars that might be spent if your pet isn't microchipped and gets lost, as opposed to a microchipped pet who'll get identified way quicker. 


Overall, microchipping offers many advantages to pet owners. Most importantly, it provides pet owners with peace of mind knowing that their pets are safe and can easily be found if they get lost.


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